A Variety Of Contemporary Glass Staircase

Stairs made of glass are in great demand. They are reliable, practical, original and very stylish. The Stairs come in several forms:

  • Marching;
  • Spiral.

Spiral or helical staircase of glass can vary in style and design. They consist of a center pillar and steps made of glass, which is very durable and reliable. Open staircases are composed of flat fields and wetlands – italic stairs.

Stairs can be made only of glass or stoning them the usual stairs to create a sense of a glass staircase, which will compliment the design of the room and give an interior look.


Advantages of stairs made of glass

From the window, you can do everything – railings, balustrades, stairs. If the house is a glass staircase, it will give the house of easement, openwork. If the stair is made of metal, then this solution is ideal for the beautiful houses. Clear stairs that transmit light, original look.

The main advantages of the Contemporary glass stairs:

  • Can withstand heavy loads;
  • Not slippery;
  • Durable;


Stairs of glass suitable for any building fitted with reinforced concrete slabs. From the glass and metal screws are manufactured today, as well as combined systems,  fit into any openings.

Compact design.

Compared with stone and wooden constructions, glass stairs are more compact, so can be installed in small spaces.

The design and style of the stairs may be different. They are created from multiple panes whose thickness is not less than 8.12 millimeters.

In that case, if one window on the stair is suddenly broken, it still will not be destroyed, like other glass and the film does not give him a break.

Stairs made of glass – a stylish and modern solution not only homes but also offices and shopping centers, shops. They are safe, reliable, high quality; it is impossible for them to slip because they are treated with special materials. Select the style, shape and design of the stairs can be different because they can easily complement any interior.

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Safety and reliability.

TheStairCompanyUk.Co.UK offers Contemporary glass staircases, made of a steel frame, which guarantees durability and increased the strength of the entire stair structure. Safety of movement is ensured by special anti-slip inserts, additional wall-mounted designs, carpet and so on. We use color and tempered glass, aluminum, polycarbonate, stainless steel and other materials. A variety of design panels and the materials used allows you to implement a variety of design solutions.

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