Optimize Your Vehicle Performance With ECM Tuning

Services for upgrading engines for more power and less consumption has been around a long time and therefore has many names: chip tuning, tuning, tuning boxes or OBD programming. At Big Rig Garage Edmonton, engine optimization involves a digital fine-tuning of the software in the vehicle’s “brain,” or main computer, i.e the so-called engine control unit. Such action always gives a better time, power, also consumption of an engine, whether it is done in a car, camper, truck, tractor or boat. The upgrade consists of that we give the engine more power and torque. The fuel savings come from more efficient combustion, as well as an opportunity to use the new power in a better way.


Because OwnTheRoad Big Rig Power always assume the original software on your vehicle’s engine control unit and are used to a little more difficult assignments, they can also customize and program the special functions that are absolutely impossible to accomplish with the trim boxes or pre-programmed handsets available in the market.

Various other services offered by Own The Road: Modification/deletion or programming a top speed barrier – Change of shift points/RPM setup – Away Programming DPF/EGR/ Lambda 2 – Cloning of controllers – complete programming or to “marry out” a controller

What do you get out of the optimization?

There are three main reasons why you need ECM tuning to optimize your vehicle: driving pleasure, efficiency and fuel savings.

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Driving pleasure: You drive a vehicle and enjoy your travelling, right? Big Rig Truck Repair can tailor engine software to you that emphasizes the vehicle’s full potential in terms of power, but above all the power of the part of the registry that you use all the time. You will feel a much crisper throttle response, more torque and a smoother power curve that keep up with the entire register.

Efficiency: No matter you have a boat, tractor, camper or car with trailer, and think that the engine is slightly undersized for the task. You are not alone, this is a common problem. The upgrade consists of that we give the motor more power and torque in the register, it is needed most, so that the boat can get out of the water and flat, the tractor can work with lower load on the engine, hubilen cope up the hill at 4-5 gear instead of No. 3, and your automatic transmission vehicle understands that it kicks into a higher gear, even when the trailer is a bit heavy.


Fuel economy: Big Rig Truck Repair sees again and again how a finely tuned software provides real savings to the customers. On the private commuter car that’s a bonus, the truck is a necessity, the agricultural machine may be crucial to the overall economics of the business. How would it affect the outcome of your business if you saved 5-10% on fuel bill? If we say that we have achieved over 20% lower consumption of heavy vehicles.

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