Why Need To Change The Oil Of A Car Punctually?

Every car owner should know what and how many kilometers should be done so as to change the engine oil. Here you will read the most common problems of this important process and some helping tips to solve this issue.

Why need to change the oil promptly in the car engine?

If you drive a car, having the old oil, it is 100% guarantee that your vehicle will not last long. If you have a simplified lubrication engine system, it consists of the following elements:

  • Carter Oil
  • Pumps for the transfer
  • The filter, which traps foreign particles and metal deposit


The engine oil facilitates the operation of the mechanical parts of the engine, reducing roughness, and small metal filter retains particles which are formed as a result of its function. Therefore untimely replacement of oil leads to increased wear of the central unit of the machine, reducing its performance and hence damage. And this is a significant additional financial cost that will be necessary due to lack of attention to the car and unreasonable savings.

What and how to affect the timing of oil change?

Several factors influence the frequency of this procedure:

  • The technical condition of the vehicle as a whole and in particular the engine;
  • How the car is used intensively (daily or only on weekends);
  • Driving Style
  • The number of engine idling, that is, the time spent in traffic jams;
  • Seasonal drive time (winter or summer);
  • Oil quality characteristics;
  • Fuel quality.

Apparently, if your car is purchased just a few years ago, and it served promptly, the consumption of lubricating materials smaller and change them often unnecessary. If your vehicle is a very respectable age, and thus to increased wear of mechanical parts, it must be replaced more often.

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Some drivers say that the smaller the machine is operated, or no cost in the garage all winter, and the oil should frequently be changed. But this is not always the case because in the lazy engine collects condensate, which reduces the quality of lubricating materials. If the vehicle stood a lot of time and did not go, especially in the winter, before the beginning of its operation, it is necessary to change the engine oil!

The style or manner of driving is quiet or aggressive. If you are a racer by nature, the oil must be replaced more frequently than normal smooth ride. When operating a car in the big cities with too many traffic jams and traffic lights, the engine is heated more, increased oil consumption, so you need to change it more often.

The incidence of changing the oil is directly related to its composition and quality. All oils are divided into three groups:

  • Mineral – made from petroleum.
  • Synthetic lubricant – based on the chemical synthesis of other more trendy products.
  • Semi-synthetic – a mixture of natural mineral substance with a synthetic.

The mineral composition is more subject to wear at high temperatures, so it is changed to be around two times more likely than synthetic analog. 

What kind of oil better to pour into the engine – the choice is yours that depends on prices, greater extent on the operating conditions and technical characteristics of the engine. And of course, the quality of fuel directly affects the timing shift. It is well known that low-quality gasoline or diesel fuel is not fully combusted, and the remains fall into the oil that is not conducive to the improvement of its performance.


Specific terms of engine oil change

First of all, it is important to follow the recommendations of the manufacturer of your car strictly. Terms of Service lubrication systems are not taken from the ceiling are engaged specialists. If you bought a car, it is necessary to listen to the advice of the manufacturer.

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