Importance Of Content For B2B Marketplace

There is no denying the fact that content has become a key part of the B2B marketplace shopping process. The more companies allow their customers to order online, the greater the challenges become to differentiate themselves and get ahead of the competition. And whoever produces content for quality B2B portal ends up dropping in front.

We are seeing a clear change in corporate decision-making: instead of looking for the lowest price, managers are prioritizing suppliers who offer quality content. Nearly one-third (31%) of B2B consumers surveyed have chosen content as the primary reason they typically make a final purchase decision in B2B e-commerce.


Why is content so important in B2B Portal?

This emphasis on content makes sense. B2B buying decisions are much riskier bets with values ​​generally higher than their B2C equivalents. In addition, there is still a much larger and generally longer partnership relationship than in B2C. That’s why B2B consumers need to carefully review product specifications and descriptions, reviews, stock levels, prices, etc.

In fact, it is because of the credibility that content comes from that more companies are shopping directly from the brand or manufacturer, rather than from distributors and other channels. According to a survey report, about 45% of consumers prefer to buy a product directly from the brand or manufacturer, and 62% say manufacturers often have the best information about products on the internet.

Investment in content for B2B Marketplace

With 74% of consumers indicating that they want product information available online and across all other channels, wholesalers and distributors are finding themselves compelled to invest in the quality and availability of content. All with the purpose of improving the overall customer experience, making your e-commerce the starting and ending point of the purchase.

Even so, many B2B marketplace sites are still not able to respond to this demand for content. According to an Accenture survey, less than 40 percent of B2B consumers who conduct surveys through a supplier or distributor’s website believe the tool was useful for research into the product or service. This gap not yet met by many vendors and distributors signals a general sense of consumer dissatisfaction with the depth and quantity of useful and relevant content available on most of these sites.

B2B Marketplace Lead Generation

Many consumers end up using other, not always reliable, online resources to make a decision, such as search engines, blogs, social media, and marketplaces.

Who wins with this?

Informing consumers and guiding them to make good choices is both an advantage and a plus for your company at the time of the purchase decision. When you help your client solve a problem by offering their expertise, your company becomes a partner and a reference on the subject. No matter if the value of your solution is greater the consumer will think twice before moving to your competitor.

When you help the customer choose the most appropriate solution, both win. We know that it is not enough to sell, we have to sell again – especially in the distribution market. And for that to happen, the customer needs to be entirely satisfied with their choices.

B2B Marketplace Platform

Last but not the least, in B2B Portal customers want a complete view of the solution they are thinking of acquiring, and you need to offer that to them. If your company does not provide, you can rest assured that the competitor will. Therefore, target the content according to the preferences of the customer, make available a customized product catalog, among other actions. A company able to provide content that can influence a purchase decision will certainly have a huge competitive advantage.

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