Decorating Your Home With Crown Mouldings

Crown mouldings and fibrous plaster coving sometimes called ceiling mouldings are strips of plaster used to add architectural interest to the interior of a home. Most often, crown moldings are added to the top of a wall where it meets the ceiling. They range from simple, straight pieces to elaborately carved and decorated plaster. You can purchase them pre-painted, or paint one your own color. Some home-improvement centers also sell urethane moulding cornice.


Draw the Eye

Install crown moulding at the top of the walls where the ceiling meets the wall. This adds instant elegance to even the plainest and simplest of rooms, and it draws the eye upward, making a small room feel larger. Paint the moulding a rich, dark mahogany, or a crisp white that contrasts with a darker wall color. You can even install a slightly smaller moulding four inches under the top moulding, then paint the wall between them a darker color than the main wall. This will give the look of a custom-painted room. For best results, paint that portion of the wall before installing the second piece of moulding.

Create a Chair Rail

You can create a chair rail with crown moulding cornice. Install the coving and crown moulding about one-third of the way up the wall. Paint the bottom third of the wall (the portion under the moulding) a darker or contrasting color than the upper third of the wall. For example, if used in a dining room, you could paint the bottom portion a rich burgundy color and the upper two-thirds of the wall a warm taupe. This look is also bright and cheerful in a baby or child’s room, as it allows you to play with colors and patterns. For example, try painting the lower third of the wall with vertical stripes.

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Design a Wall

Use crown moulding to define a large, empty wall that has no interesting features. Create square “frames” out of the moulding, and paint inside of the frames a slightly darker color than the wall. Then, hang artwork or even a flat-screen television inside the space. For a more upscale look, add medallions to the space inside the frames, or create a smaller frame inside the larger frame.

Crown moulding plaster cornice is also ideal for creating a frame around doors in the house, such as doors to a bedroom, closet or pantry. Adding crown moulding around interior doors instantly makes your home seem more expensive.

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